. . . . Kivik Malmö Blentarp Önneköp

Race Across Skåne


Race Across Skåne (RAAS) is half road race, half brevet, half alleycat, and adds up to create an event h’ors categorie. At Musette in Malmö, we start 0800h (Ride) for an inclusive group ride or 0900h (Race) for a fast-paced adventure. Choose your own path, just remember to stamp in at the three checkpoints, Önneköp, Kivik, and Blentarp. When we get to the East coast, we stop for a full hour to enjoy the Baltic vibes. At the finish we’ll fire up the grill and crack open a few beers.



Musette Sofielundsvägen 32 21427 Malmö

We start at Musette in Malmö. Drop off your bag, pick up your stamp card, enjoy a cortado, and ogle legs and bikes.



Önneköp Per Bings väg 4 24298 Hörby

The first checkpoint is in Önneköp. Drinks, pastries and the bathroom key are available at the bakery, snacks etc. are available at Önneköps Livs. Stamp/sign at either place.



Kivik’s Harbor Tittutvägen 13 27730 Kivik

Riders stamp in at Kivik and must stay for a full hour before stamping out. You can pre-order a light lunch for 50kr.



Tempo Blentarp Blentarpsvägen 17 27562 Blentarp

The third checkpoint is at Tempo, the mini-mart in Blentarp. Walk in to stamp your card and purchase any necessary fuel.



Musette Sofielundsvägen 32 21427 Malmö

We return to Musette in Malmö for the finish. After arriving we fire up the grill and crack a few beers to round off the day.


We’re all friends here and this is just for fun, so play nice. Don’t do anything dangerous. If you attack make it stick, jerking the peloton around is unsafe.

Checking In

Checkpoints are brevet style. Stamp your card or get it signed at a local establishment. At lunch stamp time both in and out over the lunch hour (Race only).

The Route

Disclaimer: The route you take is your own decision. We claim no responsibility for its safety.

2015’s route → RAAS 2015

Social Media

Follow the race and share your shots on Instagram with the hashtag #raas2015.

  1. Patch Hofweber (Official)
  2. Colin Hale
  3. Emil Holt
  4. David Klasson
  5. Johan Ekström
  6. Henrik Johansson
  7. Otto Rosenlund
  8. Oliver Ahlberg
  9. Schmunk Gustafsson
  10. Johan Larsson
  11. Wooria Andersson
  12. Paten Andreassen
  13. Gustav Svärdhagen
  14. David Wolter
  15. Jonas Wiking
  16. Ronny Andersson
  17. Claes Kjellström
  18. Mattias Sandström
  19. Fredrik Malthe
  20. Rickard Bergström
  21. Christofer Salestam
  22. Ebbe Nordlander
  23. Magnus Andersson
  24. Bjørn Welling
  25. Jason Brudvik
  26. Claus
  27. Kristian Soltesz
  28. Johan Ahlbäck
  29. Lars Brandt Nielsen
  30. Pontus Järphed
  31. Martin Henrysson
  32. Jon Jörgensen
  33. Ivan Bicanic
  34. Viktor Gullberg
  35. Sebastian Matz
  36. Jesper Ekvall
  37. Jonas Lundberg
  38. Anton Lindberg
  39. Colin Campbell
  40. Ron Olofsson
  41. Ola Evesjö
  42. Ebbe Hedman
  43. Emil Eriksson
  44. Philip Andersson
  45. Henrik Stefansson
  46. Rasmus Helt
  47. Fredrik Persson
  48. Patrik Persson
  49. Staffan Schmidt
  50. Nils Lober
  1. Jenny Westerlund (Official)
  2. Mike Murgatroyd
  3. Patrik Hading
  4. Cat Halthur
  5. Julle Haak
  6. Anna Hawk
  7. The Schitz
  8. Mija Frostglans
  9. Nina Cohn
  10. Jody Barton
  11. Thomas Lundström
  12. Adrian Blum Fagerström
  13. Kristoffer Olsson
  14. Joel Kästel
  15. Fredrik Karlsson
  16. Kristoffer Björkman
  17. Max Adolfsson
  18. John Olsen
  19. Tommi Lindholm
  20. Jakob Wendén
  21. Johan Björklund
  22. Mattias Olsen
  23. Erik Leterius
  24. Frej Haar
  25. Renée Gyllensvaan
  26. Mikael Stenberg
  27. Fredrik Pålsson
  28. Lina Lindström
  29. Jacob Svensson
  30. Ena Cupina
  31. Olle Trens
  32. Kristoffer Hedberg
  33. Frida Thuresson
  34. Toibas Hermansson
  35. Ulf Fagerberg
  36. Niels Løber
  37. Hannu Liikaluoma
  38. Calle Andersson
  39. Maila
  40. Chris Cartledge
  41. Tomas Kvartsberg
  42. Anders Eklund
  43. Katy Ho
  44. Mikael Persson
  45. Anton Olsson
  46. Ricky Buckenlei
  47. Lea Rovinski
  48. Viveca Forsblom Ljungdahl
  49. Björn Båtshake
  50. Jacob Ingelgren
  51. Dan Nordlund